Are Your Holiday Treats Naughty or Nice?

The Best and Worst Holiday Foods For Your Teeth ‘Tis the season to celebrate! This time of year there are countless parties and get-togethers. Every celebration will feature tasty treats and goodies. Some are great for your teeth and some may leave you needing an extra visit to the dentist in the New Year. Here are some tips on what to indulge in vs. what might be better to admire from a distance!   The Naughty List: Candy Canes Hard… Read more »

Why Do People Avoid the Dentist?

We understand that it can be easy to make excuses to avoid a visit to the dentist.   But is it worth it in the long run?  We don’t think so!  A dental chair can be very intimidating.  There is good news though: we can address and minimize your greatest fears! Our goal is to keep you healthy and make you feel better about your visit. So what are some of the main reasons people avoid the dentist?  Here are… Read more »

One Frightful Night in Clarksville was a scary good time!

One Frightful Night was a great success for our office.   Dr. Kristy Dye and Ronda Burkhart, our office manager for over 13 years, had a wonderful time seeing all of the creative costumes throughout the day.  Despite a rainy, chilly start we saw thousands of people come by for treats and to show off their fabulous costume creations.  The Tooth Fairy and a Sweet Tooth greeted kids dressed as all kinds of characters. To name a few, we saw… Read more »

Halloween tricks for your treats

Help your family enjoy Halloween in a healthy way. Halloween and candy go hand in hand, and kids dream of nothing more than a plastic pumpkin full of treats!  Skipping the candy altogether seems like an easy solution, but let’s be honest, it’s just not practical.  Halloween is a great time to use candy and treats to teach your kids valuable lessons about healthy eating that will last them a lifetime.  So how do you proceed?  Here are some tips… Read more »

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