Snoring: What remedies work?

What do you call a dinosaur that keeps the other dinosaurs awake? A Bronto-Snore-us! Snoring has long been the butt of jokes, but it’s no laughing matter.   How well you sleep will impact every aspect of your health and daily life.  Sleeping well helps you look, feel and perform your best so snoring can be harmful to your health and well-being. Snoring occurs during sleep, when the soft tissue in your airway vibrates as you breathe. Snoring is extremely… Read more »

Common dental anxiety causes and some simple fixes.

Dental anxiety is more common than you may think, but you can’t let it compromise your health! There are some ways to combat your anxiety and have a pleasant experience in the dentist’s chair. Anxiety can manifest itself in many ways. Some people become agitated, some avoid dental appointments, and in extreme cases, people have been known to never visit a dentist. Because of anxiety, people will often put off having dental treatment and suffer for years with toothaches, infections,… Read more »

Beyond the Tooth Fairy!

Ideas for making dental care a fun, easy experience for your kids! Getting kids started on the path to great dental health doesn’t have to be a fight. It can be hard to convince fussy children to brush and take good care of their teeth, but it is so important to their dental health and it’s definitely worth the effort. We have some fun tips and ideas to get your kids started on their life-long journey towards good dental health.… Read more »

What is the proper way to brush your teeth?

You probably don’t ask yourself the question, “How do I brush my teeth?” very often. But maybe you should!  It’s been a long time since we were kids, learning from a movie in health class. So, what is the best way to brush your teeth? Over the years, with numerous doctors doing research, the accepted techniques have changed! Before toothbrushes, people used rough cloth and water to clean their teeth. They would also rub things like salt and chalk across… Read more »

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